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“News From The Pews” brings you the story of life and ministry at St. Patrick Parish. Enjoy reading and pass it on!

Church Without Walls

After months of patient planning and preparation, two new statues have finally been unveiled in the front yard of St. Patrick Church. The bronze sculptures of St. Patrick and Jesus as a homeless man, now stand in what has been dubbed the church without walls.

Reboot! LIVE: The Eternal Love Story

Speaking to a sold out crowd in St Patrick’s Church, Chris Stefanick told the crowd that life is a love story, a story that we have complicated with technology and indifference and one that over time, we have forgotten.


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Our Mission

ornament1We share our faith through hospitality and fellowship, actively embracing the call to compassion by loving others as Christ loved us.


ornament1 Our parishes welcome you to celebrate your wedding in our Christian community.


ornament1 Baptism is the primary spiritual consideration for Christians of the Roman Catholic faith. There are many things to consider at this joyous time in your family’s life.

Youth Ministry

ornament1Are amazing Youth Group meets twice a month. Ages 12-20 are welcome to join us anything.

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  • Card. John Foley


    "The human person and the human community are the end and measure of the media of social communication; communication should be by persons for the integral development of persons."

  • Pope Francis


    "The Parish is the presence of the Church in a given territory, an environment for hearing God's word, for growth in the Christian life, for dialogue, proclamation, charitable outreach, worship and celebration."

  • Patrick Lencioni


    "The Church is everyone, and with great respect for the authority of a pastor of a parish and for his vocation and his dedication, we have to recognize that if we think he’s going to do it on his own, we’re putting him in a position of great struggle and suffering. The laity have to step up."