So Why Complain About It,
Why Not Pray For It

by Paulo Masian

Man’s life will always be full of struggles and difficulties as he goes on with his journey here on earth. But why does man need to undergo this kind of suffering? Where is this suffering going to lead me? We tend not to see the good side of all things, especially suffering, and we tend to complain to God about having to go through such suffering. Maybe because of our human tendencies and frailties we forget to see the goodness that come with suffering.

I can tell everyone that my life has never been easy. It’s not the life I wanted it to be. It’s not the life I was expecting. No one wants to be taken out of their comfort zone. Who would want to live a life he did not plan to? Nobody right? We want everything to go as planned and we don’t want our plan to be ruined. When you are making your schedule for the day, you don’t want someone jumping in from somewhere and ruin your day.

Well I guess things are now happening in my life and all my plans have been ruined and messed up. Everything I was expecting to happen has gone, or some plans have been delayed. I didn’t want to leave my seminary life in the Philippines, and I don’t want to delay my formation years. I seem to be stuck in limbo and have no knowledge of when or even if I still have a chance of going back. Undergoing my struggles and turbulence in my life have made me ask if God really still wants me to be his servant at the altar. I keep asking Him why he asks his servants to carry such burdens. I even doubt sometimes if He hears my prayers. I keep looking for answers and searching for signs, but can’t find any answers. But why? Doesn’t God hear me pleading with him? When I refused to give up on God and continued to pray even more to Him, is when I realized that God has always been there. The times when the big waves were trying to pound me out, were the times he was continuing to carry me through my suffering.

It’s at times such as this that we might feel so abandoned, but it’s also at times like this that you realize that God sends “good people” to help you carry the burden. He sends us a Simon of Cyrine to help us carry the crosses in our life. Our suffering is not just an ordinary suffering, but when we try to put this suffering into a deeper context, we will come to realize that it is leading us to something good. God always has a plan underneath the suffering that He gives us, but we need to pray for it so that we might be able to open our hearts to see where God wants us to be. God know his people very well and that’s why he lets us carry different sized crosses because he knows we are capable of carrying them. We only need to put our trust in Him, because if we put too much trust in ourselves we fail to reach out to God, we fail to pray for our suffering and that is why it becomes too heavy for us to carry, God is just waiting for us to recognize Him, to pray to Him and to remember Him with our whole heart. It is only through our wounded humanity that we can recognize fully the love God has for us. It is through our suffering that we experience His merciful love.

It came through my realization that God sent his beloved Son, Jesus Christ, to this world to experience suffering for our sake – for the sake of our salvation. So why complain about it, why not pray for it? We can always find goodness in our suffering but we have to open to it so we might be able to see it. At the same time, let’s open ourselves to other people because they might be the Simon of Cyrine in our lives. Through this suffering we must learn to surrender ourselves to the mercy and love of our God.

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