Faith, Light and Life on Hwy 407

by Irene Rand

My son and daughter-in-law, Joe and Heidi were eagerly waiting for the arrival of their second baby last Sunday night. I got the call to spring into action and got to their house to stay with their other child, my little grandson Jackson, just before midnight. I could see that Heidi was in serious late stage labour, and knowing that her first labour lasted 36 hours, they hurriedly set off for the hospital. I was very concerned that time was really short and in proper Grandmother fashion worried and somewhat scared for everyone.

As I stood in the doorway in the darkness of the night I thought of the Blessed Virgin Mary and how she gave birth to baby Jesus in the humblest of places in adverse conditions. I said the Hail Mary asking for her protection and guidance for Joe and Heidi and our yet unknown newest family member. I was scared, but at the same time, comforted knowing my family was safe in Mary’s hands. One hour later my son called to say that they have a daughter named Mila. He said both baby and Mom are perfectly safe and healthy and that Mila was born in their car on the ETR 407…!

Its an incredible, wonderful story and most of all I believe a miracle of care provided by the Blessed Virgin. And we are thankful.

Grandma Irene and Papa Jim Rand

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