Always Answer Your Phone

Karen Ford, member of the Pastoral Team responsible for communications, shares her experience how answering the phone can help you to discover God’s plan for you…

Together in Service

Judy Moskal and Marie Drake share their experience of volunteering at Friday De Mazenod Door Outreach BBQs. “The setting and the team that met us was certainly evidence of God’s work on earth.”

Spearfishing Miracle

Dan Marranca, our faithful Friday BBQ De Mazenod Door Outreach volunteer, shares the miracle he experienced during one (first and last) spearfishing trip.

God’s Sacred Invitations

Even though baptized Catholic in her first month of life, Simone Robinson discovered personal relationship with God later in life. Amazing story what happens when we have the courage to answer God’s invitations…

Hospitality: From the Curb to the Pew

We embrace the value of hospitality in our parish. Ian Ford shares his experience of welcoming parishioners and visitors at the door of our inner-city church.

This Kind of Christian

Peter Robinson, our Pastoral Associate, shares his journey of faith from the Evangelical Pastor, through the Anglican Minister to the Catholic Church… Welcome Home!

God is Good All the Time

Our parishioner, Louanne McClemont, shares her journey of discovering the love of God in her life. As she says, “God is Good All the Time”.

Transformed by the Love of God

Our parishioner, Christine Hansen, shares how God’s plan revealed itself to her over time, through the insights that God delivered through thoughtful prayer and honest introspection about her life events — good and bad, joyful and painful, hopeful and despairing.

These are a few of my favourite things

Adrienne Coletto, former St. Patrick Grade 8 teacher, shares her favourite things on the journey of faith and participation in the parish life.

I Believe In Miracles

Mike Oliveira, one of our Youth Leaders, recognizes with gratitude many God’s miracles in his life. “… I thank God and now realize that I too am one of His miracles.”

Coincidence? I think not!

JC Asuncion shares her experience how her devotion to St. Therese of Lisieux brought her closer to God “of mercy, grace, intention, providence and love.”

Greedily Soaking Up the Joy of Service

Katrina Kimeda, one of our Mission with Youth leaders, shares her experience how joining ministries at St. Pat’s has become her addiction. “The joy that I received from serving God was becoming my crack.”

Open the Eyes of my Heart

Brittany Weegar, one of our youth leaders, shares the story of her personal experience of the encounter with Christ during Steubenville Toronto Youth Conference

His Plan is My Plan

Candace Batchelor, one of our Mission with Youth leaders, shares her journey of faith, discovering Catholic Church through submitting herself to the God’s plan.

It Started With A Lawn

Ian Ford, our Youth Minister, shares his journey of faith and rediscovery of an amazing beauty of the parish where he grew up.

Let The Wind Flow Thru Your Hair

Fr. Jarek Pachocki OMI shares his experience of running marathons. As “the wind flows thru his hair” he reflects on life lessons learned from the experience.

MY RETREAT JOURNEY – Ian McLean, Retreat Director

How our Retreat Director, Ian McLean began his Journey.

Outreach to the Insecure

Brother Dan Dionne OMI shares his experience of ministry among the poor and marginalized of our communities. He spent a number of years in the Southern United States: New Orleans; and now serves at the De Mazenod Door in our parish.

A new name, a new door, and a new home for St Patrick’s Outreach Ministry.

The New Outreach door was Opened September 9th. Bishop Douglas Crosby OMI, Bless the Door as a Holy Door. 

5th Annual Blessing of Animals

“We have always thought that these animals that we have been gifted with, that we have been blessed to share our lives with, they bring out the best of us. They show us unconditional love, unconditional support… We think it’s important to acknowledge before God in gratitude these beautiful creatures that we get to share our work with, our lives with,” Fr. Tony O’Dell OMI

Church Without Walls

After months of patient planning and preparation, two new statues have finally been unveiled in the front yard of St. Patrick Church. The bronze sculptures of St. Patrick and Jesus as a homeless man, now stand in what has been dubbed the church without walls.

Easter meal part of wider outreach at Hamilton’s St. Patrick Church (Hamilton Spector)

The Hamilton Spector did a story on a Last Easter Dinner which served over 300 people.

Reboot! LIVE: The Eternal Love Story

Speaking to a sold out crowd in St Patrick’s Church, Chris Stefanick told the crowd that life is a love story, a story that we have complicated with technology and indifference and one that over time, we have forgotten