That’s On Their Conscience Not Mine

by Fr. Tony O’Dell OMI

Sometimes I hear that some people that come to De Mazenod Door are using the program that they don’t need… this saddens me because of the judgement that has already been made, without even knowing about another’s life situation.

I come from the perspective that if someone asks for something to eat or drink, why would I refuse? I thank God that I can help because I’m not in that situation or state of poverty. I also believe that all I have ultimately belongs to God.

I have gotten to know many of our guests over the last couple of years and I don’t believe there is any significant abuse of this program. And even if there are some who take advantage, that’s on their conscience not mine.

The Sermon on the Mount and the beatitudes give directions to us on how we should be Church.

I’m so proud of our parishioners and friends who lean in and help us put action to the action command, love others as Christ loves you.

To those who give financial support to help us deliver these meals – God Bless you! Without your generosity we wouldn’t be able to be there for those who need help. God smiles on your generosity!

To those who sponsor BBQ’s in honour of loved ones, or birthdays, or anniversaries or as Christmas gifts, etc. God Bless you!

To those who volunteer at the Door and become the hand of God giving out food and drink… God Bless you.

For those who cook the meals, for those who silently support and pray behind the scenes. God Bless you!

This past week we lost one maybe two young men who overdosed, both were in their twenties and both were our regular guests. Pray for those who suffer from addictions – pray that Jesus will find people willing to reach out and provide supportive help to all those in need.

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