Together in Service

by Judy Moskal and Marie Drake

We have both spent our entire careers in healthcare and/or social services. It was very obvious to us that, in times of both pain, both physical and emotional, that most human beings look to their relationship with God for strength and direction. It was very common that we were requested to call their spiritual leader or at least provide an ear while they reconciled their beliefs. These experiences made us realize how very alike we all are – “but for the grace of God go I”.

As children, we learn by example. Our parents were our first teachers, and while of very modest means, they demonstrated willingness and desire to reach out to others. They taught us to “treat others as we wished to be treated” – with care and respect.

When we were presented with the opportunity to volunteer with the De Mazenod Door barbeque, we both said “yes”. We had no idea what would be expected of us but were more than willing to try. The setting and the team that met us was certainly evidence of God’s work on earth.

Further, we believe God has a hand in bringing like-minded people together in service – as neighbours for over thirty years, and as friends!

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