Hospitality Ministry

WHY we do what we do

From our Value Statement: We believe that a warm, welcoming attitude is a first step to building fellowship and meaningful relationships within our community.  We acknowledge the variety of cultures and backgrounds in our community and strive to treat every person with respect and care, as brothers and sisters in Christ.” 

A quotation from St. John Paul II says, among the many activities of a parish, “none is as vital or as community-forming as the Sunday celebration of the Lord’s Day.”  The weekend experience is the number one opportunity for people in our community to connect with the church, and almost everyone who does come in contact with St. Patrick, does so on the weekend. Hospitality is all important to us!  I’m sure you’ve all had memorable experiences of being invited to someone’s home, and how welcome you felt.  Your hosts bent over backwards to make sure you enjoyed yourself.  This is our goal, as well.

From the Curb to the Pew

Parking Ministers
Parking Ministers are one of the first contacts for many people who come to Mass.  Our Parking Ministry team is ready to safely guide our guests to an appropriate parking space and into the church, and they are one of the first contacts to welcome our parishioners and guests.  All you need is a welcoming smile! This ministry is an essential part of our welcome, as visitors take notice when they feel welcomed and assistance is available to them.

Our Parking Ministers, Hosts and Greeters are an essential element of the worship team for the Sunday experience and special events.  We are delighted you came to St. Patrick to celebrate and we want you to know it!

Parish Information Desk
The Information Desk was opened to be of assistance to parishioners and visitors at the end of every Mass.  Everyone is busy and we get it!  Instead of having to take time out of your day during the week to come to the office, if you need a Mass card, want to sign up to be a volunteer, have questions that need an answer, etc., speak with someone at the Information Desk.  If we can’t help you we will do our best to find someone who can.

Hosts are like the greeters at the door, but serve inside the church.  They show people to their seats, answer any questions, take up the collection and hand out bulletins at the end of Mass.