Mission with Youth

Young Adult Ministry
Age Group: 19 – 35(ish)
When:  Every Sunday at 6 PM
Where:  St. Patrick Pastoral Centre

Journeying in faith as a young adult can be hard, confusing, frustrating and can sometimes even feel hopeless.  In our materialistic culture where instant gratification seems to be the only answer, being a Catholic can make a young adult feel as if their faith is counter-cultural.  The mission of this group is to offer support, guidance and hope for young adults at all levels of their faith journey.

We are currently working through the Catholic Christian Outreach Faith Studies Series.  We spend lots of time in discussion, but also spend lots of time in fellowship, maybe grabbing a drink (coffee or other…), a bite to eat, having a potluck, camping, watching movies and more!

Come and join us to see what we’re all about!

Time Travellers Children’s Liturgy
Age Group: Jr. Kindergarten – Grade 4
When:  Every Sunday during 11:30 AM Mass

Don’t forget to bring your imagination – it’s the fuel we use to travel back in time to journey with Jesus and His apostles!  Every Sunday we go through the Gospel to learn about who Jesus is, what He taught and what these teachings mean for us today.  We have separate programming for Time Travellers: LITTLES (JK – Gr 1) and Time Travellers: BIGS (Gr 2 – 4) to cater to each group’s interests.  Programming for each group includes a gathering song, story telling, teaching and discussion of the gospel and a related activity. 

Every child who comes to our church should leave with a smile on their face and God in their heart.  We intend to accomplish this important ministry with our Sunday program during the 11:30 AM Mass.  Each week we see an increasing number of 15-20 kids run to the chapel at the beginning of Mass, and we have yet to introduce this wonderful program to the kids at St. Patrick School. 

Kids Klub
Age Group:  Grades 3 – 6
When:  Every Tuesday from 5 – 7 PM
Where:  St. Patrick Pastoral Centre

Kids just can’t get enough of Kids Klub!  We don’t blame them because this time is spent building friendships.  The evening begins with a faith formation session where we take some time to talk about special topics based on the liturgical calendar, such as gospel, the sacraments and the lives of the saints.  After this, we break into smaller groups where we can play video games, board and card games, foosball, bake and cook, make art or play outside. 

In addition to this regular programming, we go on group outings to places like the Flying Squirrel  Trampoline Park and Lazermania.  It’s always a great time at Kids Klub!


Youth Group
Age Group: Grades 7 – 12
When:  Every other Saturday from 3-7 PM
Where:  St. Patrick Pastoral Centre

Going through one’s teenage years can be a rough time.  If only there was a place where teenagers could come together to help each other out.  GOOD NEWS – there is!  Our Youth Group aims to bring young people together in the Catholic faith.  A Youth Group session generally begins with a faith formation session.  Currently, we are going through the Alpha Youth series, which explores the basics of Christian faith.  We then attend Mass together, after which we continue the gathering in fellowship – be it playing video games, board games, going out for food or just simply talking with each other.  We also go on group outings to different parks for picnics and play, camping, the Diocese of Hamilton Youth Rally and Steubenville Toronto Catholic Youth Conference.  We love being in each other’s company and invite more to join us! 

Presence in our Schools
This year our Mission with Youth team has dedicated a great deal of time to be in the schools in an effort to enhance our students’ experience of church, and especially our Parish, into the fabric of school life. It is our hope that our youth will see that they are a very important part of our church and parish as we journey together through the school year. We plan on being involved in field trips, special events and assemblies, as well as groups and clubs run by the schools. The sky is the limit with this initiative. Please pray for us as we live out our mission of making disciples of everyone we meet.